Sales and Use Tax Consultation

Byrne & Clayton provides planning, compliance, audit and appeal sales and use tax services.


Planning Services

We research sales and use tax issues providing advice and council regarding alternative strategies and the potential tax impact.  These planning services include:

  • Conducting business reviews and nexus studies to discover available exemptions and sales tax liabilities

  • Reviewing sales and use tax returns to discover overpayment  situations

  • Conducting compliance audits to determine if returns are filed accurately

  • Providing advice for future client audits

Compliance Services

After obtaining and reviewing client records, Byrne & Clayton:

  • Prepares, signs, and files sales and use tax returns to the required taxing jurisdictions

  • Responds to all taxing jurisdiction inquiries regarding the filed returns

Audit Services

In providing audit services, Byrne & Clayton:

  • Responds to state or local government audit requests

  • Oversees all communications between client and government personnel

  • Reviews workpapers and assessment detail to reduce final assessments

  • Processes refund claims

  • Provides council and advice regarding future sales and use tax issues

  • Performs reverse audits to identify refund opportunities

Appeal Services

Byrne & Clayton provides the following appeal services for sales and use tax consulting:

  • Performs a thorough review and analysis to identify and quantify any portion of the assessment that should be appealed.

  •  Prepares and presents appeals for assessment reduction